Summer Storm Nitro Cold Brew 4-Pack 355ml Cans




Summer storm watching is one of our favorite pastimes out here, and we’ve seen our fair share from the window of our roasting loft. That was the inspiration for our “Summer Storm” Nitro Cold Brew!  Designed to be truly refreshing and help beat the heat, we’ve steeped one of our favorite Loft Coffee’s in cold filtered water for about 18 hours, it’s filtered twice and then infused with Nitrogen. It’s balanced, juicy, refreshing, smooth as silk and packs a punch like those famous Alberta Summer Storms. **LIMITED QUANITIES.  **WE ARE UNABLE TO SHIP **ONLY AVAILABLE TO OUR FREE DELIVERY ZONE OR PICKUP as it must be kept refrigerated.

How to Enjoy:

  1. Find a tall glass.
  2. Shake can vigorously. (like a polaroid picture)
  3. Open and pour can upside down into glass.
  4. Wait and watch cascading effect to settle (our favorite part)
  5. Enjoy!
  6. Tell your friends 😉


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