4oz Loft Coffee Scented Candle



Now enjoy your ‘Morning Brew’ in the evening with our new Loft Coffee Candles! We collaborated with Gifted YYC, a local maker in Calgary, AB using our small batch coffee and a blend of coconut and soy wax. They smell like your cup of morning brew with a hint of sweetness. Available in 4oz tins and 10oz glass.


  • 100% all natural coconut & soy wax. It is renewable and sustainable and holds the scent even when the candle isn’t burning.
  • Premium wood wick
  • Made with a high quality oil fragrance and they are Paraben and Phthalate Free
  • The tins are 100% reusable
  • Appx 20 hour burn time


Do you like candles? Do you love our coffee? Well, our brand new 10oz “Morning Brew” coffee scented candle is made for you. Enjoy the sweet aroma of fresh ground coffee beans with a hint of sweetness as it burns. Our Morning Brew candle is made with 100% all natural coconut and Soy wax, holding the scent even when the candle isn’t burning! Be the envy of all your friends and keep your home smelling superb!


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