2020 ‘Stay Warm with Loft’ Gift Box – Small $40


Half Pound Loft Coffee (228g)

  • Medium or Dark roast (based on customer preference and roasters choice)
  • Small-batch, Craft Roasted
  • Whole Bean (ground not available)

‘Morning Brew’ 4oz Coffee Candle

  • 100% all natural coconut & soy wax. It is renewable and sustainable and holds the scent even when the candle isn’t burning.
  • Premium wood wick
  • Made with a high quality oil fragrance and they are Paraben and Phthalate Free
  • The tins are 100% reusable and offers an appx 20 hour burn time

Loft Coffee Cozy

  • 100% Wool
  • Hand-knitted by local textile artist
  • customized wood Loft Button to go around Mug (mug not included)
  • Various colors

We’ll also include a Customized Message from you if being shipped directly to your loved one

Oh, and ‘Stay Warm with Loft’ and other stickers included because, well, who doesn’t like cool stickers. P.S. – Even the stickers are hand drawn by a local Calgary artist 😉




Stay warm with Loft Coffee this winter! We collaborated with 3 different local makers to make this more than just your typical coffee gift box. Here’s what’s you get…..You’ll receive a half pound of our great tasting, small-batch coffee. Perfect for cold winter mornings. You can even choose whether you’d prefer a Dark or Medium roast, just indicate on your order. You’ll also receive one of the best smelling coffee candles out there. Sure to keep you warm and cozy in the evening on those dark cold nights! Did you say ‘Cozy’? You’ll also receive one of our hand-knitted, wool Loft coffee Cozy’s made my local artist ‘Oh My Sarah.’ Perfect for breaking up your routine and keeping your hands warm. If it’s a gift, and you’re shipping directly to someone else, just let us know and we can even include a personalized message from you! Yeah. That’s why ‘local’ rocks.


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