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Loft Coffee Company Alberta Small Batch Roasted Coffee



We are a small batch, single origin, specialty coffee roaster. You can find us in a barn loft in DeWinton, just south of Calgary Alberta, Canada.

We think coffee should always be fresh. That’s why we mark the roast date, by hand, on each bag we send out. We’re small enough to do so and we’re perfectly happy about that. We’re not looking for world domination, we just want to roast great coffee.

Oh and we’re also a big believer in ‘single origin’ coffee. That means, when you purchase our coffee, you’ll be tasting the results of hardworking farmers from specific regions of various countries of the world. Some of these ‘micro-regions’ are found in very remote, small corners of the coffee growing globe.

Why would we choose to blend those with cheaper, large scale, lower quality coffee operations? We prefer to pay a little more, bring them in as green beans and roast them in small batches. That way, we’ll be showcasing the region’s unique flavor profile! It never ceases to amaze us how different coffee can be. Fruity coffee? We’ve got a region for that. Chocolate? Yup. Regardless of your flavor bias or roast preference, one thing we know for sure. You’ll always get a freshly roasted, higher quality, great tasting coffee that’s full of unique flavor.

So check out the rest of our story, read about each of our coffees and pick one based on your preferences. You’ll be happy you did!








Guatemala | Pixcaya

Medium Roast $18.00 | 454g Bag

Where to find Our Freshly Roasted Coffee


94 Take the Cake Bakery

94 Elma Street. Okotoks, AB

Serving all Espresso Based Drinks, Drip Coffee and Retail bags for purchase.



2116-380 Canyon Meadows Dr, Calgary AB

Serving Espresso Based Drinks and Retail bags for purchase


PB and J YYC

1119 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB (Kensington)

Serving Drip Coffee and Retail bags for purchase


Kimmer Country Market

412 Pine Creek Rd. Heritage Pointe, AB

Serving Drip Coffee and Retail bags for purchase

More coming soon….

Wholesale Accounts

We are always looking to have
our coffee in select locations
in Calgary and area.

Please contact us directly about wholesale
opportunities for your café, store or restaurant.